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I'm Not Afraid (single)

AFRAID Square FINAL!.jpg
AFRAID Square FINAL!.jpg

I'm Not Afraid (single)


I’m not afraid of witches

I’m not afraid of ghosts

I’m just afraid of things that feed on a bodily host

I’m not afraid of ghouls

I’m not afraid of bats

I’m just afraid of kids that come to our door wearing masks


I know it’s make believe

I stay away

I know it won’t relieve

Any dismay that I might feel today (this Halloween Day)

I’m not afraid of you 

You’re not afraid of me 

Let’s remove those angry beards & say we just disagree

I’m not afraid of teachers

I’m not afraid of rules

I’m just afraid of that dream you know the one when you’re walking around with any clothes on in school


At the end of every October it’s quite a daunting task

To wait for Boys & Girls wearing costumes and masks

Some are whimsical. Some are scary. Some are downright hairy.

They walk down my street seeking candies to eat

Soon 2, 3 or more will approach my front door

They gaze & they stand, “Trick or Treat”, they demand

And I am frozen with fear every time they appear


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