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Kid Quotes

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Kids say some Very funny things...

Yosi travels to many schools, libraries, stages and parties. As you can imagine funny things happen when the show gets groovin'!

Here are some favorites:

Yosi, I drew a picture of you! See! Oh, wait! I forgot the wrinkles!
— 7 yr old girl
Hi! I’m going potty!
— 3 yr old girl walking out of her classroom

I remember when you sang! That was 20 yrs ago! I was 4, now I’m 5 & 1/2!
— Boy
My name is Justin. My number is 4.
— 4 yr old Justin (I assume)

I’m naked!
— 5 yr old girl in response to the question 'What does a duck say in the rain?' Then the whole giddy class chanted 'I'm naked! I'm naked!'
Boy: “Why is it you again?”
Me: “Why?”
Girl: “Yeah, you’re the guy who said bears don’t wear underwear!”
Another boy: “And you you kiss the microphone.”
— Typical conversation

I'm sure you've heard some great funnies from you kid(s) too!

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