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Spooky & Silly Halloween

A giggly brew of silly and spooky costumed concert that will delight your kids! Dance like a ghost and howl at the moon. Watch out for bats, black cats, and a wild pumpkin patch! Be sure to tell everyone "I'm Not Afraid!" ...of scarecrows, windy nights, and trick-or-treating fun!

Thanksgiving Friends


Turkeys, pumpkins, and scarecrows...oh, my!

Join Yosi with his Thanksgiving Friends Concert! Gobble, strut, and do the "Turkey Pokey." Enjoy a musical bowlful of culinary delights, including 'Chicken Noodle Soup.' Get on a chugging 'Train Medley', make 'Friend's Around The World' and don't forget to say (err, sing) 'Thank You!' 

Rockin' Hanukkah

 M. Nashel Photography

M. Nashel Photography

Yosi & The Superdads present an interactive and humorous family concert filled with Klezmer, rock, ska, jazz, and, of course, Rockin' Hanukkah tunes! You've never heard your classic Hanukkah songs done quite this way! A Cajun-infused 'My Little Dreidel' would fit easily on a Grateful Dead or Buckwheat Zydeco album. 'Maoz Tzur' recalls U2 and Yardbirds.

Yosi and the Superdads, a group that isn’t afraid to add shades of U2 to Jewish music.
— New York Times
Editor’s Pick! Hanukkah songs get a rock and roll jolt when Yosi and the Superdads get a hold of them.
— The Washington Post
 Yosi's Solo Rockin' Hanukkah Show!

Yosi's Solo Rockin' Hanukkah Show!

In addition to the Superdads, Yosi also has a solo concert set for Hanukkah. Brighten the winter with a high energy Rockin' Hanukkah concert! Enjoy classic and original Hanukkah songs done with a rock 'n roll feel! From a lively rendition of 'My Little Dreidel' to the hilarious 'She Just Doesn't Get It' (where one frustrated brother can't seem to teach his young sister anything about Hanukkah): it's an interactive and humorous concert for the whole family! 


Spread joy and merriment with Yosi's festive Christmas show! Sing along with your favorites such as 'Santa Claus is Coming to Town,' 'Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer,' and get ready for the spirited 'Reindeer Pokey.' Be sure to watch out for "The Grinch!"

Patriotic Cowboy

Perfect for Flag Day, 4th of July, or other Patriotic Preschool Assemblies!

Yeehaw!! It's time for a rootin' tootin' patriotic cowboy sing-along! Hop on horseback or get ready to ride a chugging choo-choo train through the old west! Enjoy interactive songs such as 'Oh, Susanna,' 'You're A Grand Ole Flag,' 'This Land is Your Land,' and Yosi's original 'My Flag.' Join in the wild singing and dancing!

'My Flag' by Yosi.

A one minute patriotic song sung by two 4 year old girls.

Yosi is a rock star for kids! He puts on a fantastic concert for kids which has them on their feet dancing and singing with big grins on their faces.
— Liz Jeressi, 94.3 The Point (Morning Radio Personality)

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